Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Terrible Week for Rail

Paris, France
French Wreck Reveals Hidden Danger in Its Vaunted Train System

Washington, DC, USA
Obama Administration Puts Brakes on XpressWest High-Speed Rail Project
This is the California-Nevada High Speed Rail proposal.

Honolulu, HI, USA

Federal Judge slaps HART hard by revealing profound contradictions and stupidity. Excerpts from Judge Mollway's letter to HART below.

"On behalf of the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, I submit that the Draft Supplemental EIS fails to give adequate consideration to the Beretania Street Tunnel Alternative.

Remarkably, the Project's proposed rail route fails to run along "the highly
congested east-west transportation corridor between Kapolei and UH Manoa," the very
corridor expressly identified as the route the Project is intended to serve.

The EIS unrealistically posits that a UH student, after riding the rail to Ala Moana, can transfer to a bus to get to the UH campus and, even including the time spent getting to the bus boarding area and waiting for the bus, arrive within 9 minutes.
  • Waianae to UH Manoa via Beretania Street Tunnel: 84 minutes
  • Current Route of the Project: 93 minutes"
Obviously judge Mollaway can do better math than HART's hired un-professionals. Even today during a normal school day I would have to dart in traffic in my sporty Miata in the rush hour to go from Ala Moana Center to the UH-Manoa were I work, in nine minutes. The city bus is no Miata and the likely time of the bus is well over 15 minutes. So the judge's comparison needs to be updated as follows:
  • Waianae to UH Manoa via Beretania Street Tunnel: 84 minutes
  • Current Route of the Project: 100 minutes
Clearly the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii has a point.

North American urban transit security (July 11 headlines)

NY: Subway Study Eyes Dispersal of Chemical Weapons
Subway riders can expect to see in stations Tuesday the installation of special equipment scientists will use as part of an experiment to see how...

ON: All GO Transit Riders Rescued From Flooded Train: Toronto Police
Hundreds of passengers that were stranded on a flooded GO Transit rush-hour train following heavy rain have been rescued, Toronto police said early Tuesday morning.


Anonymous said...

I am a 27 year Hawaii resident and currently live in Bangkok Thailand, I use the BTS here daily along with around 700,000 other Bangkonians. This system had its troubles in the beginning but now operates like a well oiled machine. Without this rail system I could not fathom how I would get around this city. Maybe Oahu should see what mistakes where made and also the positive impact this rail system has made here in Bangkok and learn from it and implement this into there own rail system. Aloha,Johnny Hougen

Panos Prevedouros said...

Bangkok is 8.3 million. Honolulu is less than one tenth (1/10) of Bangkok if you exclude Waianae, Windward and North Shore communities which are dozens of miles away from Honolulu but are typically counted as part of it in population estimates. Not even close.

Bangkok GDP is $14,000, Honolulu is about $50,000. They are poor and need transit. We don't need more than TheBus.

Iris said...