Monday, October 3, 2011

Where Are the Rail Construction Crews?

Gone racing!

A friend sent me several pictures and this note: "I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour at 12 noon in Waipahu on Farrington Highway on Friday going to lunch and back with the staff. Took a picture of the construction area -- not a soul was there. What a charade."

I have already covered the effects of debilitating construction that will be caused by the rail project. What we are observing now is pre-construction for soils testing and relocation of utilities. The nightmare will begin once elevated construction begins. But where are the crews?

As I said, gone racing. See for yourself:


RebTurtle said...

Your friend passed a construction site at noon while on his lunch break and didn't see people working. Did it ever occur to either of you that construction workers take lunch breaks, too?

Panos Prevedouros said...

I have yet to see a large production line or a large construction site deserted "for lunch."