Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hawaii State Task Force Recommends Jones Act Exemption

This is a very informative article written by Michael Hansen, Hawaii Shippers Council.

Debate in The U.S. over the Jones Act is very lively these days. For example, on April 25th, Mark Perry, a University of Michigan-Flint business professor wrote: Want energy independence? Waive the Jones Act.

To which a pro-Jones Act shippers lobby quickly responded: Missing the mark on the Jones Act.

In my opinion, the Jones Act, hurts all U.S. island and non-contiguous regions. At a minimum, non-contiguous U.S. states and territories, and the LNG trade must be exempted from Jones Act immediately!

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Anonymous said...

Hawaii does not have any facility in place to discharge large amounts of LNG cargo. LNG Terminals are very expensive and require planning including EPA and State Safety and environmental authorization. What is the hurry? It will be a least 5 years before anything is ready. At present LNG is brought over with LNG tanks that fit on container vessels. I have not heard of any LNG shortages at the present time. Who knows maybe a U.S. company will build and operate LNG vessels before the sky falls on you Prevas!