Thursday, February 9, 2012

The 60% Lie: Less than 6% of Oahu's people live within walking distance of the proposed rail!

Dennis Callan, planner and rail aficionado says this:

"The city claims that more than 60% of Oahu residents, some 600,000 people, live along the rail route, but in reality less than 6% of Oahu's population resides within walking distance of the proposed train stations.

"Such misleading inflated numbers from our city government are part of their ongoing propaganda campaign, which has distorted most aspects of the rail system in their attempt to sell it to the public with rosy projections. They would like you to think the rail is very accessible and useful, but it is not."

Callan's video Who Will Ride Honolulu's Train has the analysis and numbers that proves the city's exaggeration and illustrates the continuous dishonesty of HART members who support the wrong facts in the media.