Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hawaii Over The Past 20 Years: Minimal Change, Minimal Growth. What Should Hawaii Plan For?

Annual U.S. Bureau of the Census data strongly suggest that Hawaii, and Oahu in particular, are stable communities with very mild growth and change particularly after the turn of the millennium.

The data suggests that mega-projects such as rail and "big wind", and mega-developments such as Ho'opili and Koa Ridge are ill conceived and unnecessary.

This slideshow provides both data evidence and brief discussion.

Politicians have engaged in biased or data-free decision making for decades. The mounting debts are sufficient proof that ignoring the trends and serially engaging in unproductive activities simply digs a deeper hole. Both Hawaii and the US are approaching the danger of the hole walls caving in and burying them, much like the PIIGS* and other countries.

What should Hawaii do in the next two decades?  The last slide provides the answer. In three sentences:
  • Decline followed by stability will be the trend.
  • Send “visions” and mega-projects to the cemetery.
  • Maintain, Replace, Modernize should be Priority 1.

(*) Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain