Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nuclear Power in Oahu's Future?

My statement at a recent mayoral debate that Hawaii should consider a nuclear plant for electricity stirred up some interest and apprehension.

Nuclear power for electricity in Oahu's future?

The likely answer is yes in order to sustain one million people and six million annual visitors 2,000 miles away from most resources, given that over 90% of the electricity is now fueled by oil. Planning for it, including a senate vote by over 2/3 in the affirmative, will take well over 10 years. So nuclear power is possible perhaps in 20 years, about 20 miles off-shore, for one 1,000 MW power

The fact is that at the present time
Oahu has nuclear reactors totaling over 1,000 MW just 6 miles from Aloha Tower. See picture below.

  • 15 nuclear submarines are home-ported in Pearl Harbor
  • 440 nuclear power plants are on the planet now

Earlier this year,
  1. Bill Gates proposed mini nuclear reactors as the essential means for the future of the human race on the planet.
  2. President Obama released over $8 Billion in loan guarantees for a new nuclear power plant in Georgia.
  3. Hawaii Legislature proposed a bill to study nuclear power for Hawaii.
I wrote this in January...

The scarcity and cost of fossil fuels makes the development of expensive nuclear energy a cost-effective if not essential proposition. France and Japan are leading examples of reliance on nuclear power with minimal ill effects. At the first oil crisis in 1973, only 1% of Japan’s electricity was produced by nuclear energy. By the second oil crisis of 1979, 4% was from nuclear; in 2000 the ratio was up to 12% and the 2010 goal is 15%.

As of 2005, Japan had 52 operating nuclear plants, 3 in construction and 8 in planning and design. France is even more ahead: Its 59 nuclear plants produce 88% of the country’s electric power. There are about 440 nuclear power plants on the globe. France, Japan and the U.S. combined produce over 55% of the nuclear power energy on the globe.

Click link to READ MORE and see the list of our Pearl Harbor nuclear submarines.