Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chrysler's Super Bowl Ad with Clint Eastwood

Half Time in America: Chrysler's 2-minute long TV commercial with Clint Eastwood during the 46th Super Bowl was a strong political statement. It was likely washed down too quickly with beer, pizza and nachos, but it did generate a lot of media coverage.

What did Clint's message say to people in Hawaii? My small sample survey reveals the following:

78% of the respondents agree that Clint is talking about American patriotism, Detroit rebounding, union jobs or all of these.

The majority opinion is that this commercial has nothing to do with Chrysler cars or cars in general, but 43% think that Clint is also talking about the importance of the car industry for America. See details below.

75% of the respondents feel that Clint is raising an alarm about the condition of our country, the upcoming elections and the future of America or all of these.

Clint himself stated that he is not in agreement with the president's policies but he did not think that this commercial was about Obama. 43% of Hawaii respondents agree, but 49% responded that the ad support Obama policies. Only 8% responded that the ad goes against Obama policies. See details below.

Kudos to Chrysler for developing a thought provoking ad which some have labelled as a payback to Obama administration for arranging the auto industry bailouts.