Monday, July 9, 2012

Godfather of Global Warming Is Less Alarmed Now

Professor James Lovelock is a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist who had a major impact on the development of global warming theory. As the Toronto Sun describes him: Unlike many “environmentalists,” who have degrees in political science, Lovelock, until his recent retirement at age 92, was a much-honored working scientist and academic.

In recent interviews Lovelock has made these rather starling declarations:
  1. He had been unduly “alarmist” about climate change.
  2. He's been a long-time supporter of nuclear power as a way to lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. He is in favor of natural gas fracking extraction because natural gas is a low-polluting alternative to coal.
  4. He believes that ‘sustainable development’ is meaningless drivel.
  5. He "can’t stand windmills at any price."
  6. He "blasted greens for treating global warming like a religion."

I am truly humbled to be in agreement with him, 5 for 5, with first five arguments: climate change, nuclear power, fracking, sustainable development and windmills. I have not yet written an article blasting greens (although I often refer to them as pseudo-greens) because I've been rather busy countering the railigious.