Saturday, March 5, 2022

PSA: Avoid Airport Covid Testing by US Careways dba XpresCheck

April 23, 2022 UPDATE: BBB was unable to get ant response to my complaint from this shady company. See note at the end.


My public service announcement is based on personal experience and follows my complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau.

My dispute with US Careways involves a rapid Covid test I did at their  Denver Int'l airport  XpresCheck lab on February 21. 2022 at a cost of $250.

US Careways specializes at rapid Covid tests at airports. (At an exorbitant price, but that's besides the point.) Their lab at DEN provided me with a negative covid result without a time stamp, making the test invalid for my expensive international flight for which it was required.

See Figure 1 for the PDF results and Figure 2 for the on screen results.

I have taken several Covid tests required for flights and all of them come with the date and time the specimen was collected. See my sample test from CVS which correctly shows the date and time (Figure 3). This was the first incomplete test and caused me tremendous aggravation at Dulles Airport prior to being able to get on my flight to Europe. 

They must be stopped from charging $250 for a $10 test and provide incomplete (useless) results. 

Adding insult to injury, Chase Visa refused my dispute of this charge. They opined that the test was conducted as promised. But the service provided to me is like a car manufacturer selling me a car without a full VIN. I can't register and legally use the car!

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3


In regards to your correspondence concerning US Careways, your position was communicated to the company. We regret to inform you that BBB was unsuccessful in obtaining a response from the company.

When a business does not respond to a dispute, its report with BBB is updated to reflect an unanswered dispute which has an adverse affect on its BBB rating. If the company has contacted you, please let us know so that our files may be updated. If not, we regret that BBB can be of no further assistance.

We appreciate you taking the time to contact BBB and report your experience. Please be assured that your complaint will remain in BBB’s file for this company for three years, and may be referred to if a pattern of similar practices emerges.

Madi Posey
Your Better Business Bureau