Saturday, January 21, 2012

Serious City Mayor: Assessment, Priorities, Solutions, Policies(Tulsa)

Tulsa: Open for Business -- Tackling city's challenges requires willingness to embrace innovation, competition and market ideas. By Dewey Bartlett, Jr. Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma

This is an excellent article that summarizes how to run a city under financial distress. (Aren't they all?)

I quote this passage:
Water/Wastewater Study: As a result of the KPMG recommendations, the local public utility authority issued an RFP and engaged Infrastructure Management Group, a nationally recognized team of public infrastructure efficiency experts, to review the governance, operations, finances and strategy of Tulsa’s entire utility operations.

And I note that the highly reputed IMG quoted above conducted the Honolulu Rail financial report for Gov. Lingle, issued in December 2009. The report said that the likely minimum cost to build the elevated rail would be $7.2 Billion as opposed to City's $5.3 Billion estimate.