Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hawaii's Demise Through the Eyes of the Economist

Homelessness in Hawaii is now international news. The local socialist mindset proposed to offer the homeless houses for free so we can get them off the streets so Honolulu doesn't look bad.  If this happens, the result is predictable: We will get even more of them.

In fact all this is old news: Homeless? Buy a One-Way Ticket to Hawaii -- Hawaii "is attracting homeless people from the mainland US by offering food, a bed, and health care for just $3 a day."

Obviously we are seeing the payoffs of decades of socialism:
  • Homelessness
  • Dilapidated infrastructure
  • Poorly performing public schools
  • Unfunded pensions
  • Quick approvals for million dollar apartments in Kakaako
  • Destruction of agriculture for cookie-cutter homes (Ho'opili)
 and of course,
  • A useless multi-billion dollar rail.
In another article, the political base of Pres. Obama, Illinois, is called America's Greece!

Next year they'll do a follow up: Is Hawaii America's Spain? Spain sunk billions in renewables, trains and overbuilt subdivisions. And they sunk their country.