Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Is Hawaii Becoming a Perfect Contradiction?


  1. The state depends on tourism but cannot guarantee covid regulations for conventions in 2022.
  2. An island state without ferries but more than enough "environmentalists" that killed the Superferry.
  3. A state with the best astronomy in the world, but with enough cultural opposers that killed the 30 Meter Telescope.
  4. A place where people have multiple jobs and things to do that they cannot carpool two or three at a time, but will take a train 500 at a time.
  5. A place where politicians such as Ige and Caldwell do not deserve one term, but were voted into top office twice.
  6. A state with a button pusher who drove us all nuts, and still kept his state job.
  7. The state with the most workers per capita, but 15 months after the lockdown does not have nearly enough workers to clear the unemployment benefits backlog.
  8. The Aloha State takes care of ohana, but has the most homeless per capita.
  9. A state with modest incomes and high cost of (basic) living has exorbitant housing costs and a high preference for private K-12 education at $20,000 or more per year!
  10. A state having among the highest taxation delivers among the worst public K-12 education in the US.
  11. A state that has a waste to energy plant that makes electricity, but prefers to ship recycled paper waste 2,000 miles away.
  12. A state that has no connection to external electric grids for help, but focuses on unreliable intermittent energy for baseload power supply.
  13. A state with a rich volcanic reservoir enough to solve its energy problem, but hates geothermal energy development (New Zealand has a profit sharing scheme for use of culturally sensitive geothermal energy for the benefit of the indigenous Maori.)
  14. A state that has an 85% dependency on imported food, but converts prime agricultural lands such as Koa Ridge and Aloun Farms to cookie cutter suburban subdivisions (that are primarily car dependent too.)