Monday, February 4, 2013

Oahu Household Recycling

  • Honolulu has the most expensive electricity rates among U.S. metro areas, by far.
  • Oahu makes about 8% of its electricity from trash. It should plan to make 20% by 2020.
  • Oahu generates thousands of tons of paper, plastic, and cardboard trash. This is free fuel for the production of electricity. Instead of making power with it, we waste energy to bale it and ship it out. That’s nuts!
  • The next four slides explain what to recycle and what to throw in the trash.


The19th Puka Gardener said...

I enjoyed reading this blog regarding trash to electricity.
But I am collecting yard waste (green bin) and plastic bottles (blue bin) costing us more to process?

By the way, where do they mulch all our green waste? Is it truly going "back to the earth"?

Thank you very much for your tireless energy to keep us informed!

With much appreciation,
The Nakagawa family

Panos Prevedouros said...

Yes they cost more because they are separate processes with separate labor, land and energy requirements.

Mulch is processed at Campbell and it is used from time to time, but it's been piling up.

Bottles are baled and then we pay real money (container rates) to send them to the mainland. Instead we should burn them.